New Max Marine Nationale Watch Straps Colours In Stock

How to install Max Marine Nationale Smartwatch Strap

Here is a quick video and instructions to show how to install the Max Marine Nationale Smartwatch Strap.


Use a soft, flat, even surface to install your new watch strap. Having a border around the strap (like a photobox) helps against loosing spring bars. For more information about prep, click here.

Step-By-Step Guide:

1. Uninstall the old strap by using the quick release spring bar or by using the watch strap tool supplied with your new Max Marine Nationale Smartwatch Strap.

2. Position your watch facing up, with the back of the watch facing you.

3. Position the strap with the hook at the top and the back of the watch band facing you.

4. Place the strap onto the watch and under the 2 lug holes. Make sure the metal adjuster is below and not above the top of the watch.

5. Place the 1st spring bar over the strap and into the first lug hole.

6. Using your thumbnail or the watch strap tool, pull back the spring bar and place it into the opposite lug hole.

7. You may need to fiddle with it, but once it fits, you should hear a click.

8. Once in, give it a tug and make sure the watch strap is secure.

9. Place the 2nd spring bar into the bottom of the strap.

10. Place the spring bar into the first lug hole.

11. With the sharp V-Shape end, pull back the spring bar and install the spring inside the other lug hole. Again, you should hear a click. Be careful not to lose the spring bar. It can easily spring away.

12. Test the spring bars are installed securely by pulling on the watch band.

13. Place the smartwatch and strap over your wrist and adjust the metal adjuster to the appropriate length.

14. Clip in the hook and you're all done.

This watch strap is elasticated and should be fitted snug for your benefit. A loose fitting with cause the metal adjuster to move.

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